Formed in 1985, ACET is an association made up of consulting engineers who operate in Tanzania. ACET actively promotes the interests of its members, and acts a conduit for the dissemination of relevant information between members, industry associates and clients. Membership is broadly based, and includes individuals, associates and firms, and although the Association is geared towards the interests of Tanzanian engineers and firms, it warmly welcomes foreign individuals and companies that operate within the country. The Association draws its members from large, multi-disciplinary organizations, through to small, specialized practices and one-man operations. We show no distinction; representing their business interests at commercial, community, industry, and government level through collaboration, education, support and advocacy. We are proudly a not-for-profit association, and are active within national, urban and rural administrations, furthering the interests and goals of ACET at every level. And we remain committed to delivering value to our membership.

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