The objects and purposes of the Association are to consider and act in management, business and professional matters pertaining to consulting engineering, with the aim of assisting its members in achieving higher professional, business and economic standards, thus enabling them to provide better consulting engineering services in the interests of their clients. For this purpose, the objects shall include:

  • To set professional, business, and economic standards thus enabling its members to provide better engineering consulting services in the interest of their clients and the general public
  • To safeguard ethical standards of the engineering profession and ensure that ethical standards are maintained by consulting engineers when offering their professional services
  • To provide a ready medium through which members can consult with each other on all matters of professional interest, and afford a means by which the procedure of the consulting professional may be conducted
  • To formulate policies and guidelines upon which the practice of professional engineering services shall be performed
  • To protect and serve the public welfare and establish a standard for the competence and conduct of consulting engineers in Tanzania
  • To support and assist in the advancement of the profession of consulting engineers in Tanzania
  • To promote the professional interests, rights, power, privileges, and economic welfare of consulting engineers
  • To promote harmony, cooperation, and mutual consultation among members of the association on matters pertaining to professional engineering services
  • To act as a clearinghouse and information center among its members, and provide corporate services for their common purpose and benefit
  • To cooperate with public bodies and other organizations in matters of common interest