Member Benefits

A consulting engineer or firm, joining ACET has a lot to benefit. Clients and the public stand to benefit if engineering consultancy services are offered by ACET members. The benefits are:

1.  General

Consulting engineers and engineering consulting firms will speak with one strong voice; and they will be heard.

Consulting engineers will be able to use and apply professional fee rates.

Foreign firms seeking partnership or joint ventureship can easily identify potential partners through the ACET Secretariat or ACET Directory.

2.  To Individual Member

Easy access to information pertaining to the consulting engineering industry. The consulting engineer is thus constantly kept abreast with changes in science and technology.

Through ACET members easily obtain experiences and opinions of their colleagues (local and international) in the consulting industry.

Regular training courses organized by the Association will enhance professional competence, competitiveness and marketability of the engineer. Confidence in the impartiality and fairness on the part of the engineer will also be enhanced.

Subsidized training fees for courses organized by ACET.

Ethical professional practice as the member will abide with the ACET code of Ethics.

3. To Member Firm:

As ACET regularly conducts professional development courses, properly trained engineers will enhance competence and competitiveness of the firm.

Member firms shall be entitled to use the Association’s logo on their letterheads, brochures, project sign boards and other printed literature.

The firm shall be listed under the ACET listing of companies in its annual directory (complete with a line of services offered by the firm, typical projects undertaken, human resources strength and qualifications and experience as well as project photographs the firm may select). Better job prospects as the firm will be known by a wider clientele locally, regionally and internationally.

 To the Client

Selection of a consulting engineer needs careful thought. Clients can easily establish a shortlist of suitable firms from ACET. Firms on the shortlist can then be approached for details.

Clients will receive impartial advice, competence and fair competition. They will thus get value for money.

To The Public

The Association is the best medium through which the public can be informed as to the standing, experience and qualification of its members.

The public can easily access professional advice and assistance on consulting engineering services from one roof – the ACET Secretariat.