Becoming a Member


The Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET) was first established in 1985 as a voluntary non-profit organization whose membership comprise of consulting engineers and engineering consulting firms operating in Tanzania. ACET mission is “To promote the practice of Consulting Engineering in Tanzania consistent with professional ethical principles and business integrity”.

The main objective of the Association is to consider and act in management, business and professional matters pertaining to consulting engineering, with the aim of assisting its members in achieving higher professional, business and economic standards, thus enabling them to provide better consulting engineering services in the interest of their clients.

The ACET office is located at TETEX Building, 4th Floor along Pamba Road, Ilala Municipality in Dar es Salaam. ACET Membership stands at (110) individual consulting engineers and (61) engineering consulting firms operating in Tanzania.

ACET works towards improving conditions of consulting engineering professionals and the construction industry at large through dialogue, capacity building, private sector development, strengthening linkages, and maintain relations with other professional associations, regulatory boards, public and private sector agencies, stakeholders of the construction industry, regional and international organizations, with a view to ensure the engagement and involvement of local engineering professionals in parallel to smart implementation and delivery of major infrastructure development projects of Tanzania.

ACET is also a Member Association of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) since 1986, as well as FIDIC Africa (formerly known as Group of African Members Association – GAMA). It is the only representative body of FIDIC in Tanzania.

      1. VISION

Our vision is to be a leading professional business association that promotes excellence and professionalism in consulting engineering services in Africa.


      1. MISSION

Our mission is to promote the practice of consulting engineering in Tanzania consistent with professional, ethical principles and business integrity.

      1. CORE VALUES
  • Professionalism and excellence in engineering practice
  • Integrity and ethical conduct
  • Public safety
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Accountability


Qualification of Membership into ACET depends on the type of membership subscribed for by an individual or firm. There are mainly three (3) types of membership into ACET detailed as follows:

(i) Individual Members: this category is applicable to professionals in practice as Consulting Engineers (individually, bona fide partner, bona fide director, Consultant or Resident Director) of a firm of consulting engineers. Must be Registered with the Engineers Registration Board. Possess experience as a Consulting Engineer for a period of not less than three (3) years.

(ii) Member Firm: this category is applicable to a Local Consulting Engineering Firm registered with the Engineers Registration Board; Must have at least one of its directors, partners or proprietors as a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania. Finally, a firm must be registered officially with the Registrar of Companies and possesses a valid business license.

A foreign consulting engineering firm operating in Tanzania may apply for membership if it shall have established an office and carried out consulting engineering practice in Tanzania for at least three (3) years.

(iii) Affiliate Member: this category is applicable to an Engineer who is a resident and engaged in the Consulting Engineering practice in Tanzania. Must qualify for membership of the Association in all respects except that he is not a partner, Consultant or director in a firm of Consulting Engineers at the date of nomination, and is employed by a firm of which at least one bona fide partner or director is a member of the Association, and has held a senior executive, managerial or technical position in that firm for not less than three (3) years.

Membership of an Affiliate Member shall automatically cease if he ceases to be employed by a consulting engineering firm which is a member of ACET or an Association affiliated to FIDIC.

(iv) Individual Associate Member: this category is applicable to an individual professional in practice as a Consulting Engineer either individually or as a bona fide partner, director, Consultant or Resident Director of a consulting engineering firm. Must be registered as a Temporary Consulting Engineer with Engineers Registration Board. Possess experience as a Consulting Engineer for a period of not less than three (3) years in another country in which the applicant is a member of an Association which is a member of FIDIC.

Membership of Individual Associate Member shall automatically cease if he/she ceases to be employed by the firm which employs him.

All members must abide by Article I of the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct as stipulated in the Constitution.


Pursuant to Article I of ACET By-Laws, every application for membership of the Association shall be made in writing on a form approved by the Council. On receipt of an application the Executive Director shall circulate it to a committee of the Council responsible for membership for evaluation and its recommendations submitted to the Council.

If approved by the Council the applicant shall be nominated for election. Notice of the nomination giving the name, address and qualifications of the applicant shall be sent to each member of the Association, advising that any objection to the nomination must be lodged with the Executive Director within two weeks of the date of the notice.

If no member of the Association objects to the nomination within the prescribed period the applicant shall be duly elected upon the payment of fee or subscription due and the Executive Director shall add his name to the Register of Members. If any member objects to the nomination the Council shall invite whatever evidence it shall consider proper and decide whether to admit the applicant to membership or not.


A Consulting Engineer or Engineering Consulting Firm, joining ACET has a lot to benefit. Clients and the general public stand to benefit if engineering consultancy services are offered by ACET members. These benefits are detailed as follows:

(i)To have a collective leadership and representation on common issues that impact members’ profession. ACET is a platform to raise the voices of Consulting Engineers and Engineering Consulting Firms in the Government Sector, Private Sector and International Bodies for growth and sustainability of Engineering Industry.

(ii) To protect the interests of local Consulting Engineers and Engineering Consulting Firms in respective engineering fields for the benefits of members. Members of ACET are patriotic, trustworthy, credible, reliable and experienced professionals performing a crucial function in management and supervision of multi-purpose construction development projects across the nation. ACET members receive membership certificates and identity cards that serve as their identity to clients.

(iii) Advancing professionalism of engineering services to keep pace with ever changing requirements of clients and stakeholders.

(iv) Members of ACET have direct access to information pertaining to the Consulting Engineering Industry. This is an opportunity for members to constantly keep abreast with changes in science and technology. Through ACET members can obtain experiences and opinions of their colleagues (locally and internationally) in the Consulting Industry.

(v) Networking that enhance visibility and increased personal, professional and corporate access to networks with leaders in construction industry and stakeholders in practice. Annual General Meeting, Opportunity Workshops, Stakeholders’ Forum, FIDIC Conferences, Professional Exchange Programs, Business Meetings, Public Talks, Courtesy Calls and Technical Visits.

(vi) Representation in other institutions and agencies whereas members of ACET are nominated to serve on public and private institutions dealing with engineering issues/challenges affecting professionals at the local, regional and international levels. Some of the Government and Private sector entities include Engineers Registration Board (ERB), Contractors Registration Board (CRB), Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), FIDIC International and FIDIC Africa, Ministry of Works and Transport and the like.

ACET reputation attracts potential stakeholders who cut across the Government and Private Sector.

(vii) Regular training courses by the Association will enhance professional competence, competitiveness and marketability of members. As a result of partnership with FIDIC, ACET members can purchase FIDIC Documents at discounted rates, access FIDIC Contract Courses and Training at lower rates.

(viii) ACET members are entitled to use the ACET logo on the letterheads, brochures, project sign boards, website, and other literatures. You will stand better job prospects as the firm will be known by a wider clientele locally, regionally and internationally.

(ix) ACET members are entitle to professional recommendation (endorsements) when it comes to project opportunities, short-listed assignments, joint venture and partnerships with the Government sector, Private sector and multi-purpose International Organizations.

(x) ACET offers a range of formal and informal services and resources to assist and represent our Members such as ACET website whereas members are added into our database that will be supplied to clients and stakeholders; project portfolio are shared through company profiles and paid up members become shortlisted for job opportunities on short term and long term basis; providing advert space on the newsletter; opportunity to sponsor the Annual General Meeting and Workshops.

(xi) ACET provides you with an opportunity to utilize your skills and knowledge by providing coaching, mentorship and training to diversified pool of professionals in specific topics, while imparting skills to Future Leaders in Engineering Fields.